Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35A few months ago, I replaced my favorite full coverage foundation with Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream SPF 35 for my regular, day-to-day makeup look. The coverage trade-off works for me as long as I have a great concealer to cover any outrageous blemishes and my inner eye circles. I appreciate skipping a separate sunscreen and foundation primer, plus you can apply it with your fingers so it travels well.

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  1. [...] BB Creams are a new(ish) kind of ‘foundation’ that blends skincare with makeup. This “two birds, one stone” approach is great when you’re on the road, since you won’t need to pack foundation primer and daily sunscreen (beach bums should go for some extra SPF, though). Plus, you can apply it with your fingers, so you can skip the separate foundation brush or sponge. Because the coverage of most BB Creams ranges from light to medium, you’ll still need a great concealer to cover any outrageous blemishes and my inner eye circles.  The BB Cream I use and recommend is Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35. [...]

  2. Susan Gray says:

    I really like Bb creams for everyday, too. What color is the neutral lip on your makeovers?

    • The Emster says:

      Hey Susan!
      Are you talking about the makeovers on my photography website? I actually use several different lip colors, usually glosses with no shimmer. I especially like MAC’s “Boy Bait”, which is a creamy, sheer nude. I also like Buxom’s Lip Plumper products. It would really depend on the client, the undertones in her skin, the rest of the makeup, whether she prefers a “nude” or a “natural” lip. I hope that helps, though I’m sorry it wasn’t very specific. :) I think if you visit a MAC counter, you can try out several variations on a theme of shimmer-free glosses and find something that really suits you.

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